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Ami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay Full Movie Download


Abhi (Ankush Khazra), the son of a wealthy businessman, loves Bhumika (Subhasree. J. Mugher), his uncle’s daughter. They had a common girl, but they were not together. Upon learning that Bhuti is to marry a rich guy, Hazre invites her into his car to take her home. Nirmala (Kemi) and Uttaramada (M. Tillalo) consider this act very selfish and insist that he no longer allow himself to be carried by anyone. Bhusi doubts the sincerity of Nirmala’s intention and suspects it was a set up. But then he realizes that Nirmala is driven only by friendship. Khazry does not like Bhavnadan and considers him an ordinary guy. His father continues to believe that his son is evil and bad, and he persuaded him to get rid of his stepmother Bhuni. In order to get Bhavandan’s consent to marry Bhuri, Nirmada’s father lends him a large sum of money. Niyamaraja (Chambu) recommends to Uttamaraja to get rid of Bhuka and Nirmana. Wanting to do the right thing, Uttammaraju agrees to have Bhushi kidnapped. At the wedding, Nirmanada, the father of the bride, decides that if something happens to Bhavan, he will be electrocuted as a murderer.
Abhi, his uncle’s daughter, has decided to have her own wedding and is looking for a wedding photographer. She asks Bhuli for photos and finds out that there is no bride. Then, having learned that Bhuriya (Mughalel Bharaputra) is marrying her, she nevertheless organizes the wedding and during the ceremony draws the groom to the altar. But on the way to the castle, the young man realizes who really stole the bride. He leaves the wedding and heads to a great aunt who works for his daughter as a manager.
Bhurikathy (S. B. Murthy) has never been a good driver because he doesn’t know how to drive. He uses his car to avoid a fine he has been given for a traffic violation. His wife, Ramanutri (Salvadora), takes it easy on his forgetfulness and difficulty in finding a replacement. But her son Viraj (Raju), the leader of the group that puts on the clips, decides to forego their weddings