How to find loyal and good friends? These 7 tips will help you to get true friends

how to find loyal and good friends These 7 tips will help you to get true friends

how to find loyal and good friends? These 7 tips will help you to get true friends.

The human being is naturally social, so he always creates friendships and relationships with others, but nevertheless, some studies indicate that 16-50% are introverted people and do not know how to deal with others well, makes the relationship develop to become friends. This group of people suffers a lot in making friends with others, so we offer them 7 simple tips that help them to build new friendships with ease.

Make sure of the type of friends you want

Ask yourself why you want to build new relationships and friendships, is it that you feel alone or need someone to talk to you all the time, or a friend who accompanies you on your travels and adventures? This step will guide you to the right place where you find the right friend.

Be around people with multiple friends

The easiest way to find new friends is to be around people who have a lot of friends. If this isn’t your acquaintance, look for someone who has a lot of friends, and then gets to know him and make him a friend of yours and Through him, you can have a lot of other friends.

Using social media

Most of us at this time have more friends on social media than friends in reality, and that has made it very easy to create relationships and friendships and to get to know people from different races and countries. Social networking sites have many features such as getting to know friends who share the same hobbies or interests or work in the same field as you.

Remember your old friends

Have you had a best friend for a while in your lifetime, but your relationship broke down for reasons known or unknown? Maybe this person feels the same way you feel and wants to be friends again, if you still have a way to communicate with him, don’t hesitate to and try to talk to him in order to restore friendship between you two.

 Work and classmates

We know a lot of colleagues, whether at school or at work, but most of us only consider them colleagues, not friends, try to get to know them outside of school and work, and you’ll find out that there’s a lot in common between you and you might be best friends already.

Find people with the same interests

The easiest way to create and build a new friendship relationship is to find people who share the same interest and hobbies there are gatherings for people who practice what they love, the most famous of which is volunteering.

Don’t forget the constant communication.

You found the right person and you want him to become a friend of yours so you started the stage of acquaintance, and you wanted to keep in touch with him and a friendship, relationship between you do not wait for the coincidence to collect you in another meeting but take you the initiative to arrange that meeting and call him to ask him about his condition without intruding and you have to be patient and not to anticipate events. Friendship has to go through a lot of stages. 

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How to Make New Friends – 3 Tips on Finding Real Friends


How to Make New Friends – 3 Tips on Finding Real Friends (animated)

Have you ever thought about why we make friends?
After all, do we really need friends at all?
Couldn’t we get along just fine by ourselves?

We are social creatures and derive a lot of our happiness through the relationships that we have developed. People with good friends tend to live longer lives. They also tend to be healthier. Good friendships have been associated with lower levels of stress, decreased blood pressure, and a reduced risk of depression.

How to Meet New People – 6 Tips for Making More Friends


It can be tough to make friends, especially when you’re not a kid anymore. Where do you go to meet new people? How do you introduce yourself and break the ice? And (my biggest challenge) how do you keep conversations going and prevent them from fizzling out?

Today, we’ll cover 6 useful tips for talking to people and building new friendships. Whether you’re in high school, college, or are already out in the real world, I think you’ll find these helpful.