How to know if man loves you. 4 questions seem normal, but it means he’s in love with her

how to know if man loves you

How to know if a man loves you. Four questions seem normal, but when a man asks a girl, it means he’s in love with her

The questions that the young man poses to the girl he loves usually have deep connotations although the girl may think it is simple questions, in fact, these questions are clear indications that the young man is in love with the girl and thinks about her or at least a real admirer of her. The questions in short are:

Questions about the timing and days of the girl’s presence

If the man and woman are in the same workplace or are grouped by professional or personal circumstances or in one residential environment, the guy may ask about the content of the girl’s daily life or the time of her going to work or returning from work and the address of her home or even the daily activities that she does so that the guy may use a very straightforward approach In question, however, the real purpose of it may exceed personal boundaries and its purpose is to know the details that entitle him to meet the girl or monitor her steps.

Questioning about the emotional state

The most important question the guy asks if he intends to enter into a relationship with a girl, is she in a relationship? And is she ready to engage if the right guy proposes
Questions like that send a personal message to the girl that the questioner wants to get close to her for an emotional relationship.

Requesting the phone number

Usually this step comes after long conversations between the two parties and in case the guy asked about the number of the girl without a clear reason for taking this step , it means that his goal takes an emotional curve, and is an attempt to approach the girl or talk to her to get to know her more .

Inquiries related to external beauty

The questions related to the details of hair color or the beauty of the face or the secret of the elegance of the girl or others, all give clear indications that the young man admires the girl and is usually considered these questions most positive and influential in case they are posed in a simple and fun way without exaggeration

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