How to make a man want you? 4 seductive traits in a woman that a man can’t biologically resist

how to make a man want you?

How to make a man want you Four seductive traits in a woman that a man can’t biologically resist.

In the relationship between women and men, there are several factors that attract each other. Whether it is related to the nature of the other party or its needs or the form of life between them or for natural and biological reasons, in this article we will present the four most prominent qualities in the woman that a man cannot resist biologically, including formal and psychological factors, which are as follows:

Body textures and waist shape

Generally the harmonious body shape increases the attractiveness of the woman more and  in particular the slim waist on the shape of the sand clock, is one of the most things that a man can not resist in the woman because it is linked to his subconscious mind  by many things, including the ability of the woman to fertility and reproduction the more the body of the woman is harmonious and the waist is Skinny, the more attractive the woman is .

With a positive and different personality

On the psychological level, the man is more attracted to the optimistic woman who is by nature smiling and also has different qualities from the others and  does not resemble anyone and imposes her presence through her strong personality, she represents the man as a model for the ideal wife

Red color

In a study conducted by a scientific journal specializing in psychological and social behavior, it was found that men are biologically attracted to women who wear red and consider girls who appear on magazine covers in red dress more attractive than others after they display the same pictures but in different colors.


The scent of female, both natural or mixed with perfumes, is one of the most attractive things to men, so published for the journal “World Psychology”, that the glands of the female secrete in periods of fertility special aromatic signals that increase the secretion of the hormone “testosterone”  in males and thus increase the rate of arousal in men which enhances her attractiveness, and this is more stimulated by using external fragrances.

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