la casa de papel review, Why you should watch la casa de papel series


la casa de papel review, Why you should watch la casa de papel series

La casa de papel won the Emmy International Awards as the best drama series, and its events revolve around a big theft that is considered as one of the biggest thefts of the world. The series received the highest percentage of views in the history of the Netflix platform. The third season of the series, which exceeded 34 million viewers since its release date of July 19 2019 until August 2nd of the same year. The famous Spanish series has gained worldwide fame, and if you haven’t seen it yet, these are five reasons that will motivate you to watch it.

 Note: This post does not include any spoilers.

The suspense

The series’ plot is based on a group of criminals who seek justice and the government, agreeing to accomplish the biggest heist in history and they plan every step with extreme accuracy. That’s why the story scenario makes the audience in a state of constant suspense in each episode, so we’re confident that you’ll not only watch one episode, but you’ll try to get to the end of each season.

The characters

Many of the main characters will only know their names in the second half of season two, but the names you will know from the beginning of the first season will fall in love with them, these criminals have chosen to name themselves cities like Tokyo, Rio, Berlin, Moscow, Nairobi, Oslo, Denver. And perhaps the most important person is the mastermind of this robbery, the “professor “, and it’s a character full of mystery.

The creativity

The script, the costumes, the dialogue, the conspiracy, all things will erase from your memory the idea that we live in the age of American film productions, the series La Casa de papel is a vivid example of good television creativity that you should devote time to follow.

The Spanish production

There are dozens of Spanish series that many don’t know, but La Casa de papel will undoubtedly get you to look around for them, especially the series that enjoy this festive production that looks at all aspects.

New Adventures

After the end of the second season, the fans predicted that the story of the series was over because the drama plot was almost closed, but after the demand of the audience for a third season and with increasing views. The third season has appeared with a new and wonderful adventure and now we are waiting for season four and even thinking about the fifth season also the season makes you hungry for the adventures that his heroes will live.