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AWETOY is the SB32/AWE32 user’s best friend, second only to a software sequencer in its functionality. But perhaps its most important function is that it can behave as a filter that connects your midi keyboard to your software sequencer.
Use a virtual midi driver such as midimux or mrouter. Then tie the output of your midi keyboard to the input of AWETOY, and the output of AWETOY to the one of the inputs on your sequencer. The functionality of AWETOY is described by the “tab”, but before we go to the tab functions, let’s discuss the controls. AWETOY, like any good instrument, provides many interactive controls in the form of dials, sliders and push-button arrows.
You might be thinking: that’s nice, but mouse controlled sliders are no match for analog sliders. Think again. The default slider increment or decrement (performed by left mouse-clicking (LMC) to either the right or left of the slider bar) can be set to other than the default value of one.
By using ALT-LMC, CTRL-LMC, SHIFT-LMC, you can set the delta value to a preset that you store in AWETOY.INI. The defaults are 2,5 and 12. This makes the sliders very customizable. Now, onto the tabs.


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– Disassembles and analyzes codes, thanks to the disassembler and the HEX editor
– Supports most of debuggers for ARM (GDB, Radare2,…)
– Disassembles and analyzes C, C++, ASM, Fortran, Pascal and Ada codes
– Analyzes C, C++, ASM, Fortran, Pascal and Ada code and produces a list of functions, registers and items
– Analyzes data and produces a list of bytes, characters, words, double words,…
– Disassembles data and produce a list of bytes, characters, words, double words,…
– Disassembles XREFs and Produces a list of XREFs
– Disassembles and analyzes resource files (.RAR,.ZIP,…)
– Disassembles and analyzes disk images (.VHD,.VMDK,…)
– Disassembles and analyzes.ASM files
– Disassembles and analyzes.OBJ files
– Disassembles and analyzes.COFF files
– Disassembles and analyzes.ELF files
– Disassembles and analyzes.MACHO files
– Disassembles and analyzes.PE files
– Disassembles and analyzes.EXE files
– Disassembles and analyzes.COM files
– Disassembles and analyzes.DOC files
– Disassembles and analyzes.MAP files
– Disassembles and analyzes.PDF files
– Disassembles and analyzes.SYM files
– Disassembles and analyzes.DSYM files
– Disassembles and analyzes.SO files
– Disassembles and analyzes.SHAR files
– Disassembles and analyzes.MSI files
– Disassembles and analyzes.MSC files
– Disassembles and analyzes.VXD files
– Disassembles and analyzes.ZIP files
– Disassembles and analyzes.HTA files
– Disassembles and analyzes.SOR files
– Disassembles and analyzes.EXE files
– Disassembles and analyzes.DLL files
– Disassembles and analyzes.EXE files and produces a list of functions, registers and items
– Disassembles and analyzes.ELF files and produces a list of functions, registers and items
– Disassembles and analy

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KEYMACRO is a small utility that lets you easily open website links by simply performing a double-click mouse operation.
Keyboard shortcuts to open and close websites
Besides giving you the possibility to quickly open websites by performing a double-click mouse operation, the tool features keyboard shortcuts (e.g. +Shift+K) that let you close the currently opened site and switch to other tabs.
Store website information
The application includes a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to store information about each website you open. Moreover, you can create different profiles with the details you want to store, for a better surfing experience.
Bottom line
KeyMACRO is a small utility that quickly accesses website links with a double-click mouse operation. Aside from that, it is also equipped with keyboard shortcuts that let you close and switch to other tabs.
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What’s New In Start?

The Start Menu is the place where you go to launch and manage applications and settings, so it’s crucial that it feels intuitive and familiar. In this free sample, you will learn how to use the Microsoft.Phone.Shell and Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls for the Windows Runtime to create a new, Start-themed application and, in the process, discover that there are some fun design challenges that you need to solve.
Start begins by creating the project structure, app bar and content for the user interface. This is followed by the creation of the menu and its respective menu items. The sample then shows you how to style the application bar to look like the Windows Phone Start Screen (with the use of a specific design pattern). The next step demonstrates how you can easily add user interface controls (e.g., buttons and textboxes) to the application bar, and the sample also demonstrates how to place the menu items within the menu and other user interface elements in the app bar.


The sample demonstrates how to create a simple application for the Windows Store, including:

– Creating the user interface of the application.

– Adding the app bar to the application.

– Adding content to the application.

– Adding menu items to the application.

– Adding user interface elements to the application.

– Setting the application style.

– Adding custom fonts.

Known issues:
Some of the components that are used in this sample (e.g., the app bar) are not yet fully supported by Windows Runtime, meaning that some of the samples or components in this SDK release may not work in all scenarios. We recommend working with the app bar and content area samples provided in the platform SDK (e.g., the Store.js, Android.js and UWP.js samples) and working through any issues that arise.


The Microsoft.Phone.Shell.Controls.WindowsSettings.ShellSettings component provides the name, setting name and current value of a settings settings value for the Windows Phone Runtime.

The WindowsSettings component is used by the RuntimeSettings property to access the name, setting name and current value of the settings settings name. The name property is an empty string (”), while the setting name property represents the name of the setting and the value property represents the current value of the setting. To access the setting name for a setting settings value, use the setting name property. To access the value for a setting name, use the current value property.

The WindowsSettings component is defined by the WindowsPhoneSettings value. The value property is used to define the value of the settings name and setting value properties.


The Microsoft

System Requirements For Start:

OS: Windows 7 or above
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.4 Ghz / AMD Athlon 2.5 Ghz
Memory: 2GB
Hard Disk: 7 GB
Video: DirectX 9 Compatible Video Card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Driver: Catalyst 11.7 or later
Networking: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: 64-bit only
Processor: Intel Core i3 2