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System Nucleus is a system maintenance application for Windows that provides you with a set of maintenance tools designed to help you fix, maintain and configure your system without having to make a trip to the computer store.

System Nucleus is a system maintenance application for Windows that provides you with a set of maintenance tools designed to help you fix, maintain and configure your system without having to make a trip to the computer store.
The main difference between System Nucleus and other software from its category consists of the ability to perform batch operations, whether simultaneously stopping two processes or uninstalling five programs. Other distinctive operations include leftover data deletion, service and driver updated status, event log entry export or shortcuts for you Run commands.
Furthermore, the intuitive graphical interface of the application manages to keep things simple and organized. Every button accesses a certain feature such as Backup & Recovery. This particular area of System Nucleus helps you backup selected registry hives, event logs and even drivers in order to ensure a long lasting operating system that can be restored any time you want.
You can also easily audit your system and receive both software and hardware detailed reports, configure and tweak your computer’s settings, manage your startup items or the Windows application menu. The degree of information generated by System Nucleus can also require more than just the basic PC knowledge, thus the software can also be used by more advanced users.
Additionally, the application sports automation capabilities that you can take advantage of. This way, you are able to set almost everything in the program from appearance to functionality in order to create macro-like batch operations. These settings are not lost once you close System Nucleus, hence the fact that you can enjoy your personalization every time you start it.
System Nucleus puts together a great assembly of tools to fix, maintain and configure your computer in order to keep it running as smooth as possible. Hassle-free systems are the result of hours and hours of work and tedious jobs and the only real help can come from applications such as System Nucleus.
System Nucleus Description:

Simple, intuitive, user-friendly, organized. These are just a few of the words that describe the bundled System Nucleus set of tools. Best of all, if you know how to use Windows, you will be able to master the basics in a matter of minutes.
System Nucleus is a system maintenance application for Windows that provides you with a set of maintenance tools designed to help

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What is System Nucleus?
System Nucleus provides you with a toolbox comprising various task-specific components capable of performing various maintenance jobs such as backup, recovery, checking, fixing, configuring or managing your personal computer.
Main features:
[x] Backup & Recovery – Automatically backs up selected registry hives, event logs and even drivers in order to ensure a long lasting operating system that can be restored any time you want.
[x] Audit – Receives detailed reports including software and hardware versions. This means you can use this application even if you are not so familiar with your PC.
[x] Configuration – Manages and configures almost every Windows setting including system tray and taskbar icons, as well as Start menu and Windows application menu.
[x] Startup – Manages and tweaks Windows Startup items in order to create macro-like batch operations.
[x] Registry – Manages and edits registry hives in order to prevent deleted or infected files from interfering with the operation of your PC.
[x] Service Status – Scans all running Windows services and updates their status in the Start menu.
[x] Uninstall – Uninstalls programs, drivers, startup items and Windows application menu shortcuts.
[x] User Control Panel – Manages the personal computer interface you can use with all programs and applications you run.
[x] Windows Manager – Checks and fixes Windows 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000, NT, 95, 3.x, 1.x, 98, AOL and Windows NT.
[x] Windows Startup – Relocate software, drivers and/or startup items which are usually placed in the Windows Start menu.
[x] Windows Taskbar – Exposes and configures all icons and shortcuts you have added to your desktop and Start menu.
[ ] System Nucleus was created in order to speed up and improve many manual tasks you should be doing to your personal computer. If you are trying to maintain the computer system but are not too familiar with computers or programming, System Nucleus can be a very valuable aid.

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The System Nucleus can also be used to perform other maintenance processes on your computer.
Back up a specific file or folder?
Back up your Registry
Back up your startup items?
Back up your event logs?
Back up your drivers?
Back up your personal settings?
Back up your applications?
Windows Registry Recovery?
Event Log Recovery?
Advanced Registry Recovery?
Run Command Recovery?
Driver Recovery?
Backup Auto-updates or an installation?
System Nucleus Key Features:
Get started straightaway with System Nucleus! The application provides you a default configuration while you are starting it for the first time and you can then change that configuration later to suit your personal needs.
System Nucleus includes a set of default configuration options to serve as a point of reference for most users. You can, however, choose to get started from scratch by modifying the default configuration. This way, you can set various settings including the parameters related to backups, location, how to start, how to analyze, restore and even the language.
What’s more, since there is an extensive customizable interface, you are able to use more than one language and input source, which means you are able to switch among multiple languages while you are performing various tasks.
The application is capable of handling both safety and informational logs and you are able to filter out the ones you want to keep. You can archive or delete the logs you want to and utilize the settings to view only the ones that you desire to see.
There are a variety of backup features to choose from so you can perform some maintenance without having to start from scratch. You can backup everything, specific files, selected registry hives, event logs or all of them at once.
You can also choose to backup drivers and various settings, in addition to startup items, applications, system registries and favorites, etc. You can even choose to back up them in order of importance, which means you can decide which items should be backed up the most.
Additionally, the software has a feature that you can use to easily back up and restore Windows applications. You can also backup system information. This feature is particularly useful for those who aren’t necessarily experienced in the world of Windows, which is to say that you can opt for the full version.
Furthermore, System Nucleus comprises a variety of features capable of diagnosing the computer and fixing potential issues that might be hindering your smooth running of it.

What’s New in the?

It is simple to use the System Nucleus program. The program will perform the tasks specified for you, while you can sit back and relax while it works for you.
System Nucleus performs all of the following tasks:
-Backup and Restore Registry Nodes. System Nucleus can perform a backup or restore of entire hive directories. Your windows registry will be backed up or restored to the way it was before the backup is performed.
-Backup/Recovery/Restore of your Windows Event Log Data. System Nucleus will backup your windows event logs in either text, binary or XML format. System Nucleus can automatically search out or restore specific event logs based on their version number.
-Get a copy of the latest Active Services, Drivers and Programs. It will scan the files currently installed in your PC and display a list of any files which are not in date in the existing directory or listed files in the registry. System Nucleus will also show you any missing or updated program files
-Clean up your Registry. After scanning for the contents of your Registry, System Nucleus will show you all the incorrect values and will clear the incorrect values on the Windows Registry.
-Display the current software that is installed on your PC.
-Monitor and control drivers for your Operating System. System Nucleus will check for any new or updated drivers for your computer, and download them for you.
-Clean up your hard drive on a regular basis. If System Nucleus is set to run on a periodic basis, it will only perform the tasks specified.
-Monitor the startup items and apps on your computer. System Nucleus can monitor the startup items and apps of your computer and alert you of any changes.
-Disable Startup Apps and Programs. System Nucleus can disable all or selected startup programs, startup services or start-up apps from being loaded at boot time.
-Disable Automatic Updates for a Specific Program. System Nucleus allows you to lock down individual programs or groups of programs and keep them from being auto-updated.
-Disable An Application, Service, or Shared Computer. System Nucleus allows you to disable a single, service, or computer with ease.
-Manage Your Startup Applications. System Nucleus can help you manage your startup applications, view available startup programs, and give you the ability to add, edit and delete startup programs or services.
-Migrate or Copy Your Startup Applications. System Nucle

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Processor: 2.0GHz processor
Memory: 3GB of RAM
Graphics: Direct3D 9-compatible video card
Hard Drive: 200 MB free space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible sound card
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: The game will run on lower-spec machines, but you may experience some performance issues.
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