What men love to hear ?! Questions a man likes to hear from a woman

what men love to hear ! Questions a man likes to hear from a woman

What men love to hear ?! Questions a man likes to hear from a woman, Important things guys like to hear from their girlfriends


There is no one like another, the fact of life even if they are twins you will find a different way of thinking, taste, reaction, character and special qualities, but there are some questions that young men  like to hear from girls and share them as follows:


Sports aspect: It is known that young people are very interested in sports and football in particular, so he likes the girl to ask him about his favorite team and their results and the way they play.


Emotional aspect: The young man wishes to talk about his relationship and his previous experience whether successful or unsuccessful and always waits to be asked by the girl whether he is living a current or previous love story and the reason for her failure.


Appearance also matters to young people as in the case of women, the young man likes the girl to ask about his clothes and where he bought it then feels a kind of pride because the girl was impressed by his taste.


The young man wishes to be asked by the girl about his horoscope and birthday because this indicates to him that the girl is interested in the details of his life.


The dream of life when a girl asks about the dream of his life makes him feel that she wants to share it and stand with him until he reaches him and achieves it even if it is difficult, the young people are really happy when they hear the girl ask them about the dream of their lives

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What men LOVE to hear: How to communicate | Relationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

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Mat Boggs shares relationship advice for women and how to best communicate with your guy to ignite attraction and strengthen your relationship!

6 Compliments Guys Want to Hear

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Since I get asked this so often, today I’m going to share with you the specific compliments that men are dying to hear.

Before I jump into it I’d like to ask that if you like what you learn here then please take a moment and subscribe to my channel for more dating advice videos. I’d also like to point out that complimenting a man is actually pretty important.

Yet surprisingly, so many women choose to tell their lady friends the things they like about a man, rather than tell him to his face. Being able to blatantly tell a guy what you like about him is crucial, and believe me, it’ll take you far with the guy you’re into.

The moment you feel something about him, tell him! When you recognize the great qualities in him, let him know! That said, let’s talk about the top six compliments that any man would love to hear.

1. You make me feel safe.

Telling a man that he makes you feel safe will definitely hit a hot spot for him. Since this kind of compliment plays on his strength and ability to protect you, it’s something he won’t take lightly. Why? Because it’s evolutionary.

Think back to the past; the stronger men were the ones who got to lead the tribe and who were seen as the most powerful.

Because of this, they usually got the most sought after women, too. Telling a man that he makes you feel safe will make him feel like he’s scored big time getting you.

Plus it’s one of those compliments that will stick with him and make him feel like he’s the hero he’s always wanted to be.

5 Compliments That Will Make A Guy INSTANTLY Fall For You

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