When you think of someone, does that mean he’s thinking about you, too?

When you think of someone, does that mean he’s thinking about you, too?

There are many topics that are widespread about what is known as metaphysics, telepathy or literature that talk about how to guess things remotely, such as knowing if someone is thinking about you in the meantime… In the same vein, however, psychologists are clear on the issue and consider that all that is published is incorrect and lacks the correct scientific methodology.

On the other hand, there are studies from centers and universities that adopt the method of comparison and qualitative analysis that have taken an interest in the subject and have concluded specific results and markers that can actually reveal whether someone is thinking about you or what through specific markers we summarize below:

If you’re constantly thinking about a particular person

There’s a possibility he might think of you too, as long as there’s a close relationship between you and him or a previous relationship, your constant thinking about him ,It necessarily means there’s an important relationship or a great interest in him  , and that interest makes the other side feel that there’s something, not normal between you, which makes him thinks of you too,mutual thinking does not mean that it is obligatory in the same way or for the same duration, but varies according to time and circumstance, there is a study conducted by experts from Slovakia on a group of separated couples confirmed this.

When a person approaches you in with the distance

According to body scientists, when you find someone approaching you with distance all the time he’s trying to grab your attention to him or take information from you, and it often means that he thinks of you constantly when you’re away .. Approaching with distance is one of the signs of spontaneous behavior that expresses interest in the secret.

When you feel like he’s thinking about you

Human feelings may sometimes go wrong and maybe right, but intuition itself in many cases is right, psychologist William Hague, He says intuition depends on immediate perception for the first principles that are based on the mechanism of the cause , and as a result which provides innate knowledge about something automatically.

When you encounter this person frequently

The person who thinks of you permanently is likely to you come across him in places and situations suddenly and repeatedly whether in specific geographical areas or even you come across his name on social media. because according to a study prepared by students at an American university, the more one thinks about a particular person, the more it reflects on his behavior and mobility and become more eager to be in the same place as the person he thinks of.