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Some people always wanted to animate their computer screens with a modern-looking Windows 8 Start Menu screensaver without losing the informative value of the standard, yet dull Clock screensaver.
Win8 ScreenSaver Clock is a lightweight application that offers you the ideal combination between a clock screensaver and the desire to have Windows 8 Start menu-themed idle screen animation.
The application requires Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer, in order to function properly.
Multiple themed screensaver
Thanks to its minimalist look and increased functionality, the Metro-styled Start screen of Windows 8 has been preferred by many, some of which have even installed themes that modify the Start menu of previous Windows versions.
Win8 ScreenSaver Clock seamlessly combines the utility of a standard clock with the fancy look of the Metro-style Start menu of Windows 8. The application will play various animations during its runtime, such as a flying paper airplane for instance, which can crack the stillness of a simple static screensaver.
Furthermore, you can change the background color of the screensaver, so it matches the one you have set on your Start screen. You can select between dark cyan, blue or orange, colors that light up and animate your screen.
A modern-looking idle screen animation
Win8 ScreenSaver Clock provides you with the functionality of a clock, combined with the minimalist, yet modern design of the Windows 8 Start menu, a powerful bundle that can easily animate your idle screen and leave a pleasant impression to anyone who views your computer.


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– It has the ability to show your Windows 8 Start screen, so you can quickly access the most relevant functions of your desktop.
– It is also compatible with the Aero desktop theme, so you can easily change the way your screen looks while saving time and resources.
– It also has a tutorial that helps you to easily customize its configuration.
– There is no installation required. Just download and run the program.
– It offers 3 themes, including one that allows you to save battery life.
– It supports.jpg,.bmp and.png images.
– The application also features 2 settings: Slideshow and Animation.
– Also, you can easily set a personalized Windows 8 background picture.

Win8 ScreenSaver Clock is a free screensaver for Windows 8 Metro Start screen (Start menu) that displays a Windows 8 Clock showing the time. Watch your desktop appear while the clock continuously runs. The screensaver is compatible with the Aero desktop theme. This Win8 screensaver will be placed in the “Screensaver” section of the “Start Screen” app on your Start screen. The screensaver comes in 3 colors: blue, orange, and cyan. The screensaver cannot be uninstalled. It is a free screensaver.

System requirements: Windows 8

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Win8 ScreenSaver Clock With Registration Code PC/Windows

* 9 types of 12-hr/24-hr screensaver modes.
* Change the style of clock face, including the background.
* Multiple animations.
* Change the background color of the clock face.
* Change the rotation and size of the clock face.
* Enjoy 12-hr/24-hr screen saver.
* Cute and stylish (requires Adobe Flash Player installed).
* Easy to install and uninstall (runs in the system tray).
* No third-party dependencies.
* Simple, elegant, and stylish interface.
* Unlike other screensavers, no ads.
* Completely compatible with Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10.
This software is distributed freely, and you don’t have to pay for it.
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Win8 ScreenSaver Clock

Win8 ScreenSaver Clock seamlessly combines the utility of a standard clock with the fancy look of the Metro-style Start menu of Windows 8. The application will play various animations during its runtime, such as a flying paper airplane for instance, which can crack the stillness of a simple static screensaver.

You can select between dark cyan, blue or orange, colors that light up and animate your screen.

The application’s interface includes a Start menu with a minimalistic, light theme.


Go to Start and select Control Panel

Select Programs and Features

Select the App & Game Tab

Select Win8 ScreenSaver Clock (installation)

Wait a few seconds for the installation to finish

Restart your computer

How to use:

The program will start automatically when Windows starts

Select ScreenSaver Type and select the one you want to use

To change the screensaver, navigate to the next or previous animation

To select the screensaver background, use the up or down arrows to change the selected color

To play the screensaver, click Play

The trial version of Win8 ScreenSaver Clock will run for 30 days from the date of purchase, so you will have to purchase the full version to be able to use the program without limitations.

Win8 ScreenSaver Clock is one of those applications that comes as a windows screensaver download and has nothing more to offer than the average windows screensaver functionality. The app can animate your screen with a flying paper airplane if you select that from the settings menu, but otherwise it doesn’t offer anything more than a pretty looking windows screensaver. You can select a custom picture as the background, but there is no way to change any other settings such as speed, frequency, etc. The animations are only 9 seconds long, and you can change them, but there is no way to have them play automatically, so you have to get out of your chair and click play in order for it to start. Another downside is the fact that the app doesn’t play well in high resolution screens, like those found on larger laptops, so you can end up with very blurry images and a poorly lit background. While the app doesn’t really add anything new to screensavers in general, it’s still a novelty, and if you just want to have a set of colorful pictures playing on your screen, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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What’s New In?

①Your selected interface clock:
At the time you set the current time in interface clock, it is set as default.
If you set it to 1 interface clock, it will only show the time.
②Your selected interface clock color:
You can choose a different color than the default color (no color)
③Font size of the interface clock:
Choose a different font size
④Animation of the interface clock:
You can choose different animations for the interface clock
⑤Adjust the duration of the idle screen time:
You can choose to have it playing while your computer is in idle mode or until you press your mouse or keyboard
⑥Delete the animation file:
You can delete this animation if you no longer want it
⑦Download the animation file:
You can download this animation if you want to have the animation as screensaver
⑧Modify the wallpaper:
You can change the wallpaper through the program
⑨Control the music:
Control your music during the screen saver running with Win8 ScreenSaver Clock
⑩Skip the time:
You can skip the time.
⑪Skip the music:
You can skip the music during the screen saver running with Win8 ScreenSaver Clock
Set the clock to the current time
Set the calendar to the current date
⑭Time Zone:
Set the time zone to your selected location
⑮Automatically set the time:
Automatically set the current time to the time zone and time zone of your selected location
⑯Switch off:
Disable the screen saver to free your computer to do something else
Apply and close
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at
Download and install Win8 ScreenSaver Clock
Windows 8 ScreenSaver Clock is an attractive Windows 8 Metro-styled screensaver. It works with any version of Windows including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
This screensaver requires Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. Download it here:
How to set Win8 ScreenSaver Clock:
1. Add the screensaver to your startup.
2. To run it, select the “Start screensaver from desktop” option and then select “Win8 ScreenSaver Clock”.
3. You can change the animation duration from 0 seconds to a more reasonable value if you have a slow computer
4. You can also change the desktop wallpaper in Win8 ScreenSaver Clock, by selecting the “Set wallpaper” option.
Click on

System Requirements:

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